Friday, July 16, 2004

10 things i hate about ninja/pink pirate ben

15. Is BALD (or was... you change your hair so much I don't know anymore)
14. Has a beard
13. Has RED hair
12.  doesn't dress like a real ninja/pirate
13.  Is really an ass pirate
10. Likes the new Cure album
9. Didn't come to Florida this year
8.  Is obessed with "danger zones"
7.  Is a closet redneck
6.  But a very intelligent closet redneck
5. Communists suck
4.  Has alien children (out of wedlock!!!!)
3.  speaks spanglish (japanese is better!)
2. Pitties the fool
1.  Did I mention he's a red head??
Contributed by MooFoo

1 comment:

Dottie said...

I like how you included both 13's.