Tuesday, July 13, 2004

the assumption

blin your post hit me today.

i am not an elitist. i do not feel superior to those around me. i assume that those around me are of equal or greater intelligence. when i make fun of a subject or a person i expect that those joining me share the same motivation and sense of humor. i assume that they don't really mean to belittle the person or the subject but just to enjoy the humor that life requires. humor to me is being sarcastic and making the most heinous and off the wall comments imaginable. thereby demonstrating that there is no possible way for what i have said to be taken seriously. it hit me today that i am making the wrong assumptions. having seen these other humans in action i know they really are serious about their joking. they are malicious. of course this doesn't make sense to you, we aren't on the same page. we are rarely ever on the same page.

we never have been and we never will be.

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Dr. Robert Chesterfield Steeles said...

Being on different pages is benefitial because it permits us to see so much more.