Thursday, July 01, 2004

"...honestly, to tell the truth, i'm mad at the internet."

there is nothing like night classes at community college to make you feel like you really don't belong.
1. a teacher that is more concerned with being the "unlikely" professor than his history of western civilization. don't get me wrong, he's cool, he's hip... but if you have to tell me that you voted yourself "most unlikely to be a professor" every five minutes, something is wrong.
2. a girl that thinks because you have a skull and crossbones on your t-shirt (GO PIRATES!) and she has one on her purse she should sit next to you. maybe even date you. or at least invite each other to parties.
3. another student that goes to a four year university that knows everything and then some. oh yeah... she won't be able to make it to the second half of the term because she has a soccer tournament in Europe.
4. the eyebrow pierced girl that says, "i don't have email. well, i might but i don't remember it. i just don't really like it, honestly, to tell the truth, i'm mad at the internet."
5. "how many of you in here are vegetarians?"

wow... boy am i in for a treat. as a side note... never offer information where it's not asked for.


Yelrebmik said...

Your blog just reminded me that your humor is often the much needed comic relief in my play: "Here I Am at Work Again." Thanks to you and Mountain Dew, I'm still somewhat coherent and functioning. Thank you, Benjamin!

Please don't rock said...

"How was I to know
That I was in for a treat?"

You've joined Biz Markie and all the others who are "in for" something.