Saturday, September 01, 2007

Match 2.22 The Result: DCU v. FC Dallas 9-1-07

DCU 4 FC Dallas 0

Ben Olsen is the Garbage Man. He cleans up any stray ball bouncing around in the box and puts it where it belongs, in the net. He caught Sala in a bad position early and then closed out the half by putting a blocked shot back into the goal. Christian Gomez added to the box cleansing by smashing a Dallas defense deflection back into the net by way of volley, beautiful strike. Fred is starting to make a habit out of cutting back across the top of the box and then taking a shot. This is a good thing. The way he works the cut back is the perfect misdirection and usually gives him time to put something on frame. Tonight it worked and he scored. On the night DC had 6 shots on goal and 4 goals, that's offensive efficiency.

Now on to the more important part of the game, another clean sheet and this time with Boswell in. This means we have depth at defense, but not only do we have depth we have clean sheet depth. The first 15-20 minutes were a bit of a struggle but everyone pulled together at the back to keep the ball out of the net. Even with all the offense Dallas was throwing at us early, they only managed 2 shots on goal. That means Perkins is no longer carrying the load and that the attack is getting shut down early. The one good chance Dallas had was thwarted by Boswell's clearance on the line.

So the attack got the job done and the defense continues to frustrate opponents. The only complaint is that in the first 15-20 minutes the midfield allowed too much through defensively, but even that was cleared up. A final thought... not that it needs to be said again, but Marc Burch is an assassin with his service from the back.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.22
1. No backup strikers were needed, all subs were of the defensive nature.
2. I'm not sure the chemistry of Los Cuatro (Moreno, Emilio, Gomez, Fred) was really that great, but the chemistry of the team as a whole was beautiful.
3. I feel avenged and good inside.
4. Burch almost had one from distance, but it was nothing in comparison to his crosses that created all kinds of danger tonight and resulted in at least two of the goals.

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