Thursday, September 06, 2007

Match 2.23 The Result: DCU v. Chivas USA 9-6-07

DCU 2 Chivas USA 2

MLS Primetime Thursday started at 11:15 PM this evening. Who knew 11:15 PM was considered "prime time"? I was starting to have a nervous breakdown as I frantically refreshed Soccer Insider for updates, refreshed the match tracker on MLSnet, and listened to an endless loop of adds on WMET 1160 AM in hopes of hearing something... anything. Goff came through with the first report of the 3rd minute strike by Luciano "It's in the net" Emilio.

First Half (starting in the 9th minute due to above debacle): DC controlled most of the first half although they looked a little disorganized. Moreno was able to send a nice ball to Emilio for his first goal. Moreno also contributed to Emilio's second strike, as it was Moreno's blocked shot that got away from Guzan that Emilio put in the back of the net.

The turning point in the game was the odd Perkins clearance turn Razov deflection and subsequent goal. Before this goal Chivas looked somewhat lost and uninspired. The goal gave them new life at the end of the first and into the second half. DC seemed content to allow the new found inspiration by not winning 50/50 balls, making bad passes, and giving way too much space to the attack. Chivas' goal in the 60th was the result of a 10 minute complete loss of form and team defense. From that point, our offensive attempts consisted of short fallen crosses from the back which created one chance, a Burch to Olsen to Emilio string of passes. Soehn was obviously looking for the draw when he added Brian Carroll in the 76th. With a defensive sub we should have shut down the match, but we insisted on letting them have space and time with no counter of our own.

Just a few final thoughts. Our team speed is slow, or our team is slow, however you put it, in comparison to Chivas USA we lack speed. Chivas exploited our slow defense and never allowed us time to recover between attacks, credit goes to them for that. I'm not sure if it was the speed issue again, but we were not winning balls. DC did not get to the ball fast enough and when they did they got muscled off. We also took a few steps back with our team passing, a lot of bad passing from everyone, not hard enough, too hard, no previous thought before passing, we saw it all tonight.

There are a few good things to take from this. We saw what the other hot team in the MLS looks like. We might need to prepare for them in the playoffs. A draw like this should motivate us to remember the important, basic things like team defense, passing, and winning balls.

Bring on New England.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.23

1. 1 point, from the way we played, I'll take it.
2. Both goals from Emilio and it is good to see him get the goals he so badly wants. What's this talk of him leaving in December and being the highest paid DC player?
3. A hard match I wanted, a hard match I got. We started as the dominant team and ended as that inconsistent team from 6 games ago.
4. Burch's left footed crosses have officially been added to the DCU repertoire.

ESPN sucks (See: late start, feed going out, too many shots of players/coaches/allen hopkins instead of the match).

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