Sunday, September 09, 2007

Match 2.24 The Result: DCU v. NE Revolution 9-9-07


There was a different feeling about this game. DC seemed very cool and collected. They looked like they really enjoyed being home. They looked so calm that after they went down 2-1, I thought for sure they were giving up. I was wrong and I'm happy about it.

-McTavish returned to the starting lineup. He always seems to be in the right place to keep goals from going in.

-Gros is back from the head injury/migraines. His fresh legs were a godsend. And maybe it was just me but was Joshua Gros getting creative out there? Little creative touches and such.

-Emilio was holding his own against the physical play of New England. My only complaint with Emilio is that he can't hold the ball and he gets knocked off the ball too easily, not so in this game.

-Olsen came in to the game for an exhausted Fred and immediately widened the field.

-Soehn made defensive substitutions at the right time and we still scored more goals.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.24

1. DC returned to form with only small lapses of judgement.
2. The midfield had moments of dominance and with the number of games we've played in the last week, that's saying something. It was nice have Gros' fresh legs in there.
3. Twellman scored one of those that he always scores, urghhh.
4. No goal for Burch and he seems to need a few stutter steps to hit those crosses, not that I'm complaining, just an observation.

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