Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Match 2.26 The Result: DCU v Chicago Fire 9-23-07, The Supporters First Road Trip


So much to say but not much of it has to do with the match itself. We squeaked a point out of the match with the miraculous cross/strike by Jaime. Our backup midfield is about as good as our backup strikers and that is to say, not that good. I will report on the trip itself later but time prohibits me at this point.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.26
1. I don't think we necessarily fell asleep we just didn't have the right tools.
2. Jaime brought the control but he had to fall way back to get it leaving Emilio up top alone. Simms entry into the game helped us get forward a little more.
3. Getting a point out of this game was a miracle.
4. Burch looks like the long season is getting to him, can we rest him?

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