Thursday, July 12, 2007

last night's soccer

DCU 0 Harrisburg City Islanders 1
DC is out of the Open Cup. From the radio broadcast it sounded like we had possession most of the game but we gave away possession on bad touches and couldn't get our shots on frame. I haven't decided whether or not I care about the Open Cup but my disappointment is that we lost to a USL2 team. Oh and also that we didn't score a single goal. This does not bode well for the reserves offensive production. Does USL2 pay better than MLS reserves? Now if the Islanders can just beat New England.

I listened to the match on the Harrisburg station for a bit until MLSnet got their act together. While I appreciate the Harrisburg station's attempt to keep us updated, Tony Limarzi for MLSnet did an infinitely better job.

Argentina 3 Mexico 0
Having spent a couple of years in Argentina, I almost always pull for them, Mexico being their opponent just made it that much more enjoyable. The highlight of the match for me was this kung fu kick goal by Gabriel Heinze. So sweet...

How scary is it that Messi is only 20 years old?

Los Gringuitos 2 Uruguay 1 (U20 World Cup)
Speaking of U-20s, the US beat Uruguay in extra time, it wasn't pretty but we got the job done. You don't always have to win in the same ways with the same players, you just have to win. That being said, I hope Altidore and Seitz are injury free for the next match.


dirty supporter said...

would you be offended if i took messi as a second husband? or maybe he'd have to be my first and you could move to second. what do you think?

RSL Ben said...

Every time the announcer said Uruguay in the game last night (which was obviously often) all I could think of was the Simpsons where Homer calls it "U R Gay". Luckily I missed the first 3/4 of the game, for my own sanity :)