Sunday, July 08, 2007

Match 2.14 The Result: DCU v Dynamo Houston 7-8-07

DCU 0 Dynamo 1

There are some games where you can just feel like we don't have it in us. There was no danger or urgency in our game and Houston knew it. The fact that my wife commented on how many Houston players were back on defense says it all (and she fell asleep shortly into the second half). They clogged up the middle of their narrow field and we had nothing going for us on the wings. Offensively, there were very few strings of passes, although I do remember one rather lengthy possession that appeared as though DC thought they were up a goal and killing time. Between the loss and homework that's all I have in me tonight, on to the reality...

Facts and Reality for Match 2.14

1. We didn't steal a point, we didn't steal anything, we barely broke into the house and when we did we weren't really interested in taking anything.
2. The defense... I'm not sure if it was better or worse but we sure look unorganized out there.
3. In my book credit for the goal goes to Mulrooney, Ching is a cherry picker.
4. Still no luck for Erpen with Colorado, if he continues to play at center back it may take a long time for this wish to come true.

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QJA said...

Damn right. It seems like we were never able to build momentum, and I was never really confident that we would capitalize with a goal if there was some forwards movement with the ball.

Would you agree that our offense is lacking chemistry?