Monday, July 02, 2007

Match 2.13 The Setup: DCU v KC Wizards 7-4-07

This is the last Eastern Conference game for both Kansas City and DC before the all-star break. Three points earned is three points taken away from another top team in the East. This is probably the most important game of the first half of the season for both teams.

Eddie Johnson punished us in the first go around but he will be on duty at Copa America. DCU is still missing their call ups as well as Namoff and Kpene to injury. DC gets their first look at Vanney on the back line. DC has adjusted to missing players in previous games and I expect the adjustments to go a little more smoothly in Kansas City.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.13

1. Vanney shows us some of the experience we are supposed to be getting from him.
2. The first winning clean sheet of the season.
3. Moose's hustle and flow pay off in the form of his first MLS goal.
4. Erpen scores from distance. (Facundo, we prefer you in black, but we're still pulling for your long bomb)

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