Friday, July 13, 2007

Match 2.15 The Setup: DCU v. FC Dallas 7-14-07

Happy Friday the 13th!

The Edgell Supporters will be attending the game at RFK thanks to Intelligence Careers and PWSI (where El Goleador currently plays his soccer). Even the mother supporter will be in attendance for this one (maybe she just wants to get a good look at JC Toja, I know I do).

This will be DC's first chance at the 2006 Supporter Shield Runner-ups FC Dallas. Here at the Edgell Supporters we like to watch FC Dallas and we really like Kenny Cooper (God rest his injured soul) and JC Toja. The funny thing is we tend to like teams a lot better before we play them (See: Houston, even when we beat them) so FC Dallas may not stay on our good side for long.

DC is coming off a loss to the league's hottest team and a poor showing in the USOC, so a loss this week will look like a down turn in the season. On the positive side, most of our starters have had a full week of rest so we should have Olsen, Moreno, and Boswell back at full strength. Namoff and Kpene's (Moreno's 60/70th min sub in a perfect world) injury status will most likely be a match day decision. The lineup should look like this:

McTavish - Boswell - Vanney - Gros
B. Carroll
Emilio - Moreno

FC Dallas has great defensive play from its midfielders Toja and Ricchetti which will require us to be dangerous up the middle and on the flanks. We are going to need some good production from the trifecta up top so that the flank play from Fred and Olsen will make a difference. On the defensive side we will have to watch out for Oduro's speed and of course flopping from El Pescadito Ruiz. We looked pretty frustrated against Houston last week and Ruiz would love to add on to that. If we keep our heads on straight (I look for Carroll and Gomez to be the main targets for Ruiz) and brush off the bad calls we should be able to take care of things on defense.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.15

1. Moreno breaks the record in the run of play.
2. Vanney works his way into my heart with his amazing play at the back.
3. Free tickets, free food, free love.
4. Erpen from distance.

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RSL Ben said...

So I didn't see the game, but it sounds like a collapse of RSL proportions. What happened?