Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vino is a doper?

I don't want to believe it, but with the current state of cycling I'm not sure I can not believe it. What is a Tour fan to do in this situation? The sport is a showcase of human endurance and will. It is amazing to see the riders compete day after day for three weeks. The Rasmussen/Contador show in the Pyrenees has been fantastic. But what if it is all a lie? What if they are all cheating? What are the options?

According to a survey, Italian fans favor legalizing doping with banning media coverage of the sport coming in second and stopping the sport for one or two seasons to get rid of the dopers coming in third. I guess those would be the options, you can legalize it, you can stop the sport, or you can take the money out of it by banning the media from covering it. None of those seem right to me, but the only other option is to keep going with what we have and catching dopers in the act during the Tour de France is just going to further damage the sport.

I guess we can enjoy Vino's mountain stage win until we find out he was doping there too. Just focus on the scenery and the atmosphere, absolutely electric!

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