Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Match 2.13 The Result: DCU v KC Wizards 7-4-07

DCU 1 KC 0

We got the first winning clean sheet of the campaign. It was ugly but we earned the win.

DC started out pretty hot with a few opportunities right from the start. Then we got unorganized and lost form. The back line looked exactly like what we should expect from the patchwork it was put together with. I like Simms at D-mid, but I do not like him on the back line, he gave away too many balls and just looked like he didn't know what he was doing. In his defense, he probably doesn't know exactly what he is doing and he didn't get help from the rest of the defenders. Things got back on track with Fred's pass to set up Emilio for the goal right before half. There weren't a lot of good chances for DC after that and even with all the shots from KC we were still able to hold on for the win.

We acquired Fred for assists and Emilio for scoring, they both did their jobs today. We gave up a lot of shots and relied heavily on good play from Perkins and McTavish to bail us out. Sometimes individuals have to step up in order to get the win and that's ok.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.13

1. It was Vanney's first game with DC and it showed. I'm willing to give him a few more games before I resume my questioning of the trade.
2. I called for the clean sheet and it was delivered. Good work boys!
3. Moose's hustle and flow look like they burned him out by half, but I still admire the work he is doing out there.
4. At the time of publishing this Erpen had not yet scored, BUT he still has another half of a game tonight and another on Sunday to score.

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