Monday, July 16, 2007

Match 2.15 The Result: DCU v. FC Dallas 7-14-07

DCU 3 FC Dallas 3

This felt worse than any loss I have experienced to date.

For the first 50 minutes I couldn't believe what was happening, we were actually going to dominate a decent team. We scored early and then added to our lead. There were a few breakdowns in the defense, but Perkins was able to take care of them. Vanney was making tackles to stop the attack. The one troubling thing throughout the first 50 minutes was our inability to keep possession. Dallas had more possession and more control throughout the game and it finally paid off in the last 40 minutes. I still haven't re watched the game (we were at RFK) so I'm not exactly sure how it happened but the defense and Troy Perkins got abused.

Was it Brian Carroll (who seemed scared to give any help on offense throughout the game)?
Was it the lack of speed from Boswell and Vanney?
Was it the dependence on Gomez to defend (which he did quite well in the first half and then kind of decided to only play offense in the second half)?
Was it the Moreno for Kpene substitution (which I'm hoping was just a bad day for Kpene or I will never call for Moreno to leave the pitch again)?

I'm guessing it was a little bit of everything but I plan to rehash this one on DVR sometime this week.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.15

1. Moreno didn't score but his assists were beautiful.
2. Vanney.... ugh.
3. Everything was free, including the 3 goals we gave to Dallas for free.
4. Colorado didn't play this week, that gives Erpen time to practice his long range bombs.

5. I hate Ruiz.
6. Is it just me or can Toja jump unnaturally high?


RSL Ben said...

I know there were jokes of RSL being DCU West, but with a performance like that it sounds more like you guys are becoming RSL East! Also, check ye olde myspace, I left you a comment with ticket info.

bdr said...

I find Toja's mullet much more freaky than his leaping ability.