Monday, July 23, 2007

SuperLiga Match 1.1 The Setup: DCU v. CA Morelia 7-25-07

SuperLiga makes sense. The soccer rivalry between Mexico and the United States is intense on the national level, why shouldn't we let that spread into the club level? I'm excited to see how the MLS clubs perform against the Mexican clubs. This is an important step in growing the league internationally. The exhibitions against Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Celtic are fine for entertainment but are a poor representation of how we stack up next to those top leagues. The timing and importance just aren't right. Although SuperLiga will feature Mexican clubs in preseason form, there is money to be won which should raise the importance of the games.

DCU plays CA Morelia tonight. I don't know a lot about Morelia except for what wikipedia can give me. We will know a lot more after tonight.
Benny and Fred with both be available but we will still be missing Moreno, Namoff, Kpene, and Moose. I'd like to see Burch in the back with Gros back in midfield. I'd also like to see Olsen drop back into defensive mid and Carroll on the bench.

Hope and Dreams for SuperLiga Match 1.1

1. We take the competition seriously.
2. The SuperLiga matches spark something that continues into our MLS regular season.
3. Balls coming from the back are sent to a DC player.
4. No miscommunication between Perkins and the back line. We don't need Perkins slipping into his unhappy place again (See: post-CONCACAF Perkins).

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