Monday, July 23, 2007

Match 2.16 The Result: DCU v. RBNY 7-21-07 The Atlantic Cup Leg 2 (of 3)


This one was no fun at all. I think it was about the 25th or 30th minute when I said to my wife, "This is how it is going to end, 1-nil." We didn't get to the loose balls first. We showed no real danger and even when we had chances we could not finish (Gomez and Addlery being the most significant non-finishers). I think the turf is particularly hard for Fred who couldn't keep the ball at his feet.

The defense wasn't terribly bad but the miscommunication on the goal is happening a lot more with Vanney than it was with Erpen, just sayin'. The highlight at the back was that Burch was a reliable option, one match isn't enough to judge him on but it is certainly a good place to start. It is time to looking for a new option at holding mid, Carroll and Simms both just don't have what it takes. Just about everything we sent up from the back was to a New York player.

At this point in the season we have been consistently average and I don't expect us to snap out of it down the stretch. When we have our best 11 on the field I think we are above average (just right above average nothing to get excited about) but we can't count on having everyone in all the time. Somehow we have to get better play from the bench because the crowded schedule will not allow our first 11 to go all 90 in every match.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.16

1. Addlery... ugghh.
2. Three points was definitely a dream.
3. Perkins and his back line still don't have things figured out, another soft header went in.
4. Erpen scored!!!! Not from distance but a header to tie the game against KC.

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