Thursday, August 09, 2007

Match 2.17 The Result: DCU v. NE Revolution 8-5-07

Better late than never right? I'm on borrowed time (both internet connection and battery) so we'll make this quick. I only saw the goals as I am still in Utah but I plan on watching the DVR edition when I get home on Saturday.

Facts and Reality 2.17

1. Twellman did not score, nor did any other New England player.
2. We got all three points.
3. Emilio scored two goals and one was off a creative pass from Kpene. I like Kpene's style and creativity.
4. No goal for Burch but started and created. Quickly becoming my new favorite.

Oh yeah, I attended the RSL/Houston game last Saturday. RSL not only won, but they could have won by more because they missed on several chances. Houston's packed schedule aside, RSL controlled the game in its entirety. Way to go Reds!

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