Thursday, August 02, 2007

SuperLiga Match 1.3 The Result: DCU v. Dynamo Houston 8-1-07

DCU 0 Houston 1

We looked quite tired in the first half. With the exception of Burch's limited long service and Kpene's ball into the box there wasn't much of an attack. We didn't use the wings at all and we didn't have any runs from the back. Obviously the narrow field has something to do with that but we played into their game plan and let them clog the middle. Defensively we did enough to keep them from scoring and got some luck on DeRo's miss.

In the second half we started out with a little more energy and offensive effort. Then almost as soon as we looked to be getting control of the match, the defense got caught on their heels on a great Jacqua/Ching combination. We continued to put pressure on Houston throughout the half and Jaime's presence gave us more control over the match. Two problems: Moreno didn't pull the trigger and Boswell missed a sitter.

Houston is good. They finish. DC is not bad, but we do not finish. I worry a little about our fitness as Houston has also played the same number of matches recently but didn't look nearly as tired as we did. Come on you Aguilas!

Facts and Reality for SuperLiga Match 1.3

1. In two hours we will know if we advance based on the Morelia v. America result, stay tuned.
1a. [UPDATE] America 3 Morelia 2. DC advances.
2. I don't like Ching, but that was a nice left footed volley.
3. How did Boswell miss that sitter in the box?
4. Emilio isn't back yet, we need someone to finish.

[UPDATE] America v Morelia Bonus Coverage

Could they wear more similar colors? It took me awhile to figure out who I was pulling for.

17th minute - America scores.
54th minute - Morelia goes a down a man with a straight red to Mauricio Romero as he fouls while being the last defender. America is awarded a PK.
56th minute - America scores the PK. America 2 Morelia 0
67th minute - Morelia pulls one back. America 2 Morelia 1
73rd minute - Morelia draws even. America 2 Morelia 2
85th minute - Thank the soccer Gods, America scores again. America 3 Morelia 2
90th minute - 4th official gives 4 minutes of stoppage.
94th minute - That's it. America wins. DC is through.

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