Thursday, August 16, 2007

SuperLiga Match 1.4 Semifinals The Result: DCU v. LAG 8-15-07


The first 25 minutes were all DC. We controlled, strung a few balls together, Jaime had a humorous attempt on goal from midfield, and barely escaped an ugly yellow card meriting Beckham tackle. Then it happened. Did Perkins not know who was taking that free kick? First name Bend It, last name Like Beckham, Sir Goldenballs himself. Perkins looked lost. I'm no keeper. I'm scared of the ball. Maybe I just don't get it, but usually keepers only jump the wrong way on PKs. Then we just fell apart and the next 20 minutes were some of the ugliest I have seen in a long, long time. Neither team could pass the ball, put together an attack, or refrain from fouling. I'm not sure what happened. It was sickening. Oh and Moreno got pushed pretty hard in the box, no call. Just sayin.

More nausea to begin the second half. Goldenballs to Receding Hairline. Bleh! I wonder if the game plan was to damage Martino, mission completed. Dirty, dirty tackle by Carroll, maybe that's why he started over Simms. He was a hit man. Beckham leaves the game and Posh Spice gives us the double hand royalty wave... huh? The second half was just as ugly as the first. A lot of hard fouls and not a lot of the beautiful game. We could not put anything worthwhile together and we looked juvenile. I don't even know if juvenile is an accurate observation, but that's the word that keeps coming into my mind. The other word is petty. That is probably because Dirty D Supporter is convinced that DC is cliquish and segregated. According to her, none of them are friends. Seems as good an explanation as any.

We lacked the organization necessary to beat the circus act. We couldn't settle our nerves in that atmosphere and once we lost what little game we brought we never really found it again. I don't mind losing when we the other team is better, but it really bothers me when I feel like we were the better team. Farewell SuperLiga, back to the quest for the MLS Cup.

One final thought, the Home Depot Center was empty to start with, but filled up nicely and got really loud. Good for them.

Vanney Rant:
Vanney is slow. Vanney is bad on the ball. Vanney fouls when he gets beat. Vanney should not play. All I can see him saying after the first half is, "Dude... did you see how I totally passed it to Beckham and then he touched it.... so awesome..."

Facts and Reality for SuperLiga Match 1.4 The Semifinals

1. Nothing went in early, less went in late.
2. Simms didn't get the chance to show why he is starting over Carroll because he didn't... that was a mistake.
3. Boswell made a run that really only could have been finished by a diving header, but that's what he gets paid to do right? Sacrifice all. I think a diving header would have put that ball in the net.
4. Kpene got chippy with Xavier, not a goal, but I don't mind someone giving a beating to that white haired freak.

Ok, definitely the final thought. We need to look into orchestrating some kind of collision where Xavier and Vanney hit each other and spontaneously combust, never to return to the earth.

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dirty supporter said...

didn't you know i'm a body language expert? i watch who pairs up during pre-game warms ups. and don't sleep on some inter-squad feuds/lack of communication due to lack of a common language.

oh yeah....and who likes pretty boy boswell anyway?