Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Match 2.20 The Result: DCU v. RBNY 8-22-07 The Atlantic Cup Leg 3 (of 3)


Felicitaciones Abuelito Moreno! Numero 109! A PK, but 109 nonetheless.

The crowd was louder than I have ever heard and there were A LOT of people there for a Wednesday night game (it is hard to be objective sitting in 234 row 5, right behind the Barra).

We came out and dominated and finished in the first 20 minutes. The RBNY PK took a little wind out of our sails but we continued eating up possession and controlling the game. I have not yet watched the game in an appropriate manner to analyze it, but here are a few observations:

-Simms is always around on defense. He is cleaning up the ball in all sorts of situations. Not much help in the attacking third, but I'll give that up for a defensive mid that plays defense.

-Burch didn't have the best game but his service is still beautiful. He also had some acrobatic plays on defense.

-We need the scrappy, hustling Ben Olsen in all games, not just against NY. Even in this game he kind of petered out in the second half. If he can't always go in the hyperactive mode, maybe Moose can be that guy. We will really need someone in the next few years that can take on that role.

-Dane Richards was dirty last night.

Facts and Reality for Match 2.20

1. Another great performance from Benny, an assist and a goal, he loves to show up to beat RBNY.
2. Los Cuatro (Moreno, Fred, Gomez, and Emilio) are even passing together during warm ups, this is a very good sign. Oh and they dominated the first 20 minutes of the game. Keep it coming
3. The Atlantic Cup is ours again.
4. Burch got an amazing ball from Gomez but couldn't put it away, if this keeps up, Burch will be on the score sheet eventually.

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