Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SuperLiga Match 1.4 Semifinals The Setup: DCU v. LAG 8-15-07

My favorite Beckham commentary.

The Galaxy are tired after a long road trip and a lot of games. They are missing Gordon, Jazic, and Gray to accumulated cautions. I still don't feel like this will be an easy one. I expect LA to come back home to the Home Depot Center and give it all they got. The SuperLiga may be their only chance to claim silver this year and I expect that they are well aware of this.

With Burch out on accumulated cautions and Moreno and Gomez not completely healthy Soehn will have some decisions to make. If Gomez can go I see Gros dropping back to fill in at left back instead of starting Vanney. Moreno and Kpene will both partner with Emilio up top and the rest of the lineup should be the standard.

Whether Beckham actually makes a difference or not, I always get the feeling that the other guys on the team want to impress him. They step up their game when he is around. DCU will have to find a way to remove the motivation and hope. I don't think it will take much... a couple early goals, suffocating defense, or a Beckham no show should do it. In any event, we will have to come out and show something to get the job done, this won't be a walk in the park.

Hopes and Dreams for SuperLiga Match 1.4 The Semifinals

1. We put one in early and a second one in late to finish the deal.
2. Simms shows why he is starting over Carroll.
3. Boswell makes some more of those runs we were seeing a few games ago.
4. Kpene scores.

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