Friday, August 03, 2007

Match 2.17 The Setup: DCU v. NE Revolution 8-5-07

New England is starting to pull away in the east, DC is not starting anything, they are content middle-tablers. DCU needs to get points out of this weekend or we will start to think of Chicago and Toronto as our closest competitors.

That's all I have for this weekend, I'm on vacation in Utah. I'll be in the SLC this weekend (and throughout the next week) checking out the RSL v Dinamo game, come on ya Reds! Off to Cafe Rio for me.

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.17

1. Twellman does not score.

2. Points, points, points. That's plural. That means three.
3. Emilio scores.
4. Burch scores from distance. I'm still testing the waters but he might be my Erpen replacement, no official word yet.

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RSL Ben said...

Ahh, how I love the "setupt"