Saturday, August 18, 2007

Match 2.19 The Result: DCU v. Columbus 8-18-07

DCU 2 Columbus 0

Great strike by Fred, I mean an honest to goodness golazo! Great play by Fred to set up Emilio's opportunistic goal on Hendrickson's friendly assist. We had good possession and control of the game tonight. No major defensive lapses but there was a little too much space in the midfield for the Columbus attack.

Three straight wins and all clean sheets, not bad at all. I don't want to jinx it, but in league play we look to be improving at the right time. We are not quite peaked, which is a good thing, but we are definitely on the upward climb.

Simms is an upgrade at defensive mid because of his distribution (not always perfect but better than Carroll) and his ability to shut a lot of stuff down coming through midfield. I hate to say this because of what it means, but we did not really miss Boswell tonight, Vanney was decent playing in his spot. Vanney = Boswell?? I don't know but I think the other three on the back line are there to stay.

Moreno, Gomez, Emilio, and Fred all played together tonight. Between injuries, international call ups, and mental absence I don't think the four of them have had enough time to learn to play together. Tonight they looked like they liked each other and they knew where the next move in the attack would be. With more time together and getting over egos (that's just my guess) we could have an unparalleled attack.

I like the win on the road and the style of play. Even more than those things I like where we are headed. I think for the first time DC has given me sustained hope. Such a wonderful and dangerous feeling.

Olsen sitting out on this one will hopefully have him ready to go next Wednesday against RBNY. We'll need energy and motivation to win that one. Come on ya Black and Red!

Facts and Reality for Match 2.19

1. Nothing for Moreno, but I feel it coming.
2. Our touches and passes weren't perfect, but definitely an upgrade from the last match. Long stretches of possession gave us control of the game and made it possible to kill time at the end.
3. Not a complete unleashing of the attack but close to it. We CAN score goals.
4. Burch did not score from distance, but man is he a revelation at the back.

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