Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Match 2.18 The Result: DCU v. LAG 8-9-07


Just a real quick review before we move on to SuperLiga. DC looked especially solid in the first half but still couldn't put a lackluster Galaxy away with authority. The killer instinct we saw in the Revolution game needs to make more appearances. The hopefully permanent addition of Burch and McTavish on the back line and the Brian Carroll replacement, Clyde Simms have shored up our problems on defense. So we are finding form as we head into the last part of the season and we are doing it without MVP Gomito, what does that mean?

Facts and Reality Match 2.18

1. RFK rocked ESPN2's microphones, I was sorry I couldn't be in the packed house.
2. Emilio scored again on a scorcher from outside the box.
3. The audible booing of Beckham was a welcome relief from the Beckham Blitz. I know it is sacrilege but David the Ankle shouldn't expected to be worshipped EVERYWHERE he goes.
4. No goal yet, but a great ball from Burch set up Emilio from distance.

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