Saturday, August 25, 2007

Match 2.21 The Setup: DCU v. TFC 8-25-07

The easy supposedly easy points are never easy for DC United. If we want to make a run at the Supporter's Shield, we have to pick up the easy points. In comparison to what we've done over the last four MLS matches, today's match at Toronto FC should be easy points. But again, the easy points are not always a given for DCU.

To make the situation more difficult we will be missing several starters. Gros is still out with the concussion and will be until he gets back from the specialist in Pittsburgh. According to Goff, Olsen and Emilio did not travel with the team so they will also be unavailable. Toronto on the other hand should be returning some of their players that have been out over the last few weeks. I believe that both Dichio and Cunningham should be back for the TFC attack. Not that those two are amazing strikers, but they'll be hungry for goals.
[UPDATE: Jeff Cunningham will not be playing due to season ending surgery.]

If Dichio plays we need to have Boswell's physical play on the back line. I'd like Boswell in no matter what, but if TFC is without Dichio I'd be ok with Vanney given his current form. Other than that I don't think we need to change much up except to replace the starters that are out. The lineup I'd like to see is:

Namoff-McTavish-Vanney or Boswell-Burch

If we take this match lightly I think we go down a goal early but we pull it back and settle for the draw. If we come out prepared and ready to kill we will be able to put this match away shortly into the second half.
Come on ya Black and Red!

Hopes and Dreams for Match 2.21

1. Kpene puts it in the net.
2. Fred and Gomez continue to work together, I really feel if those two continue to develop chemistry we could see some magic.
3. Three points, anything less than three from this game is a disappointment.
4. Burch from distance.

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